1429 W. Schaumburg Rd., Schaumburg, IL 60194

You can call us at 847.891.1260, or if you wish to send a fax, there is a fax machine connected to this line as well. You would never hear the "busy tone" because if so happens that both lines are in use, there is our voice mail, where you can live us a message.

This is our main location with floor area of 1,600 s.f. including six individual classrooms, where private music lessons are given and dance and/or recital room with the floor area of about 500 s.f. Also (what you see in this picture) we have a retail store front, where we sell some variety of instruments and accessories, as well as sheet music and instruction books.

7503 W. Diversey Ave., Elmwood Park, IL 60707

The Elmwood Park studio is smaller with about 600 s.f. It is a one-room teaching studio only so the door is open for times that there are classes scheduled, otherwise by appointment only. If you are interested in any of our instructions or activities, please call us and we'll set the time for us to meet.

This studio used to be run by somebody else, who was about to close it's doors, when we took it over in the end of April of 2005 to restore and widen variety of services. We already have piano, violin and dance classes in that location yet we offer about the same possibility of classes as we do in Schaumburg. Counting on you to sign up.

We offer music lessons on wide variety of instruments as well as voice lessons and group musical activities for children in all ages. We teach all ages and all stages. Doesn't matter if you're one or ninety two - we'll teach you.